Early to rise…

So, it’s been over a year since I wrote anything on here. And the point of some of my posts was FINISHING. Good grief. FAIL!

I mean, come on. I wrote this about making an apron for Ginny out of a cute seasonal towel. I have all the materials to make 3 different aprons. And NO aprons are made. Zero. No finishing.

In my defense, I did finish a few of my quilt blocks mentioned in this post. I still have more to go, but hey–there was finishing involved. Blocks were delivered. I’ll take any kind of success I can get!

To follow up on the rest of the list (as seen here):

1. Quilt squares–addressed above.

2. Decluttering: I did some. We had a garage sale at church and I shuttled several vans full of stuff over there without a second thought. However, the house doesn’t seem lighter. Lots more to go. LOTS.

3. Bible study…NOPE. I read several worthy books, but not a daily/weekly Bible study.

4. Yarn and graphics…NADA. My daughter has recently shown an interest in the yarn, so maybe. We’ll see.

5. Sewing machine projects. Sometime before the end of the year I used the sewing machine to sew something. I remember getting it out. I don’t remember what it was. Whatever :\

6. Paint the kids bathroom: The kids bathroom currently has the following on the walls: the original contractor paint, primer, a test wall of a cold seafoamy green color that I didn’t like, two test spots of a weird yellowish color I liked at the time, but I’m not sure about, and an abstract mural done in the medium of Irish Spring deodorant gel stick (done by my 8 year old…yep EIGHT.) Forget Sharpies–if you want it to last forever, use some deodorant.

7. Financial Peace…bills got paid. That’s about it.

8. Bible reading plan. I read some more, but no finishing here either.

“Let’s do all the things!” GREAT GOODNESS. That list is HUGE. What was I thinking! I have a husband 3 kids, and a job outside the house. If my husband didn’t do laundry then we’d be naked.

I am such an imaginary overachiever.


There’s obviously some things I need to get done that aren’t getting done. It’s March now and most people have moved on from Level One goals of New Year Resolutions to Level Two goals of Lent. Cause most people can do anything for 40 days.

This past week I saw a post that, when I saw it, shouted to me: this is a good way to start!

Get up early. The early bird gets the worm. Early to bed and early to rise…

You get the picture. Crystal at  Moneysavingmom.com is doing the Early to Rise Challenge using the book Early to Rise by Andy Traub.

What do you do? Get the book (I grabbed it for $5) and pick a time you are going to get up each weekday for March. The get up then (I’m pretty sure this is the critical step. Each day there is a post at moneysavingmom.com with a challenge for the day.

I think that if I can get this down, then I might be able to think about some of the other stuff on the last list! Or at least get my kid to school earlier.


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