It was Finish it Friday–yesterday

Yep. It’s Saturday again (instead of Friday) and again I find myself trying to decided if I’m ok with giving up the alleteriation of “Finish it Friday” for the ease of posting on Saturday. Is that really in the spirit of Finish Year? Probably not.

Here’s a quicky list of this week’s progress:

  1. Quilt square progress: really worked on this last weekend. Not far from finishing square one. (Working on a post about why these are even on my list.)

    Quilt Square in Progress
    Almost there! A few flowers and french knots from being FINISHED.
  2. Declutter and organize: Follow up from last week-used the treadmill. Walked 2.5 miles while watching Netflix. Decided that I need to watch a sitcom instead of a drama while walking until I’ve been at it for a while!
  3. Have not started James yet.
  4. Nothing on Photoshop or yarn.
  5. Nothing on the apron this week.
  6. No real work on painting the bathroom. Probably won’t be until the spring.
  7. Finances: Got most of my tax stuff entered online. This week’s task: get medical receipts from doctors and pharmacies. Only got lunch out once this week (because we had no leftovers.)
  8. Did NOT read “Maximize Your Mornings” last weekend. Correlation with my not-so-maximized-mornings this week? Um…maybe.

This list stinks. Not a week of much progress except for the square and most of that was on Saturday and Sunday.  Feel good about the taxes, but that really didn’t take that long. Definitely feeling like I was off this week. Sooooo. On to the upcoming week and getting back to the list. Cause these things aren’t go to finish themselves.


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