Finish it Friday–I remembered!

Yay me! It’s Friday and I remembered to “finish” and post a list update ON Friday. Because Finish it Friday sounds so much better than Finish it Saturday. I like alliteration.

This week flew by at mach speed and ended well. I can sum up the whole week by saying I’m glad that next year, both of my school age children will still be on the same school year calendar (any chance of that NOT being the case was put off for at least another year) and that I’m also glad that Will did not break anything after a fall on the stairs at school. I really was an “all’s well that ends well” kind of week.

As far as my list goes, I really don’t feel like I made much progress, but lets take them by the numbers:

  1. Quilt square progress: nada. I may work on them tonight after I post this.
  2. Declutter and organize: I did some work in the garage and made room to use an old treadmill we’ve had sitting in there while we tried to figure out where to put it.
  3. No progress on the Bible study.
  4. Uncovered some “learn to knit” stuff in the garage while decluttering. As in a pair of needles and about 2 inches of stitches on one needle. I guess that’s as far as I got last time. I didn’t even get past casting on. I also looked into the Photoshop classes on I’ll need some PLANNED, uninterrupted  time to work through the class.
  5. I bought the supplies to make Ginny the dish towel apron. She picked out a cute towel with hearts and owls and a cute ribbon for the ties. Can’t wait to get it made!
  6. No real work on painting the bathroom. Probably won’t be until the spring.
  7. Finances: I’ve been better at keeping up my grocery receipts and entering them in the spreadsheet. So far so good there. I’ll be evaluating at the end of January to see what I can do better. Also need to start collecting all my tax info, like doctor and pharmacy year end receipts.
  8. Need to get a better Bible reading schedule. No magic formula needed here. Just gotta do it. A new Good Morning Girls study starts Monday. I need to download the study guide and be ready to start and FINISH! I also found this cool, free e-book called “Maximize Your Mornings” over at I glanced at it earlier and I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend.

So, no major progress this week, but baby-steps are better than nothing!


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