Letter to my crib

Dear Crib,

I’m going to miss you. I’ve been looking forward to you leaving, but now that you have been reduced to a pile of boards and springs on the floor, I have to admit, I’ve shed a couple of tears. We’ve been together for over twelve years and now our relationship is over. At least our relationship as we’ve know it. Thanks to Pinterest, I now know there are a variety of uses for you and your parts.

The CPSC tells me that you could have killed my babies, but I love you anyway.

I remember picking you out of the JCPenney baby catalog. I also remember finding a high percent off coupon that did NOT have a furniture exclusion that made you way more affordable. I guess you were my first big coupon score.

I remember putting you together WAY before you were put to use. You were decorated with my hand made 3 sided crib skirt. You are sturdy. You held all three of my sweet darlings as they slept until well past their 3rd birthdays. None of them were anxious to climb out and leave you, though two of them did that at least twice. Ginny was so comfortable in your four walls that she never even tried to climb out, not once.

It took a while for Will to start sleeping in you, after he started sleeping in you (on his…gasp…tummy!) you held Will through 4 addresses. This could be why you needed some help when we pulled you back out for Sydney. My Papa (along with my Dad) took all of your rails apart and reglued you back together. He gave you a facelift and covered all of the teeth marks that Will left when he teethed along your edges. My Papa’s loving hands made sure you could hold my girls past their 3rd birthdays.

You have heard Jesus Loves Me and the “Nighty Night” song more times than I can count. You’ve heard lots of crying and have even held me up some nights as I leaned across your side to comfort someone for the umpteenth time that night. You’ve held Will through colic when sometimes I couldn’t hold him any more. You held Sydney and her wave machine as she was swaddled like a burrito. You held Ginny and her “Silky” blanket.

You really are the last big “baby” item to leave the house. The bouncy seats and high chairs are long gone. Ginny is even drinking out of a regular cup most of the time. With you goes the last signs of babyhood and we move headlong into the preschool years, filled with learning and growing and becoming a “big girl.”

You were meant for a season, and that season has passed. I’ve enjoyed the past 12 years with you. Pardon me as I go check and make sure Ginny is still in bed.

Will in the crib

Sydney in the crib

Somehow this is the ONLY picture of Ginny I can find in her crib–lots of pictures asleep–just not in her crib!


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