Finish it Friday…on Saturday

So, as I’m drifting off to sleep last night I realize that it’s Friday and I didn’t post anything for “Finish it Friday.”

Ever so briefly I entertained the idea of getting up to post something. I think we all know what the final decision was there since you can see that this is posted on Saturday.

Here’s what I’ve go so far as my list is concerned:

1. In response to Jon Acuff’s post Tuesday Task I typed out my Finish List on paper. I think it will hang in my bathroom where I can see it in the mornings.

2. I worked this week on the quilt squares. I also went to the store and got some more embroidery floss when I decided I was missing a few key colors.  (Finish list #1)

3. I found what will be my first sewing machine project. It’s easy and will make Ginny a very happy girl. Of course, her’s will have a “G.” (Finish list #5)

Dish Towel Apron


4. I started keeping better track of our grocery spending. I was not the greatest couponer last year, and can do much better. I found a spreadsheet created by Stephanie over at Couponing 101 and started using it in Google Docs.  This certainly covers the “goals should be measurable” part of SMART goals. (Finish list #7)

5. This wasn’t on my official Finish List, but we’ve been wiggling the toilet handle in the master bath for a few weeks now (to make the water stop running.) No one had made the trip to Lowe’s to get a new flap, so we kept jiggling. Yesterday I had HAD IT and in my frustration suddenly remembered the fact that we had an extra flap stuffed somewhere in the linen closet. Took the time RIGHT THEN and FINISHED IT. Took 15 minutes and now there’s no more jiggling.

I think that the spirit of the Finish List is that some things should never make it to the list. Some things just need to be done and we can move on.

Plan for next week:

1. More quilt squares.

2. Spending part of today decluttering.

3. Make a decision about a Photoshop class I found.

4. Track my finish the Bible goal.

Not too bad for week #1 of Finish Year.


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