From Starter to Finisher

So. January is a few days away, and like many others I’m thinking of what I want from the new year.

A new year brings a magical feeling of “starting over.”

I’m a good Starter.  Over at Jon Acuff’s blog he is encouraging people to be Finishers. That’s what I need to do. Finish a lot of stuff I’ve started.

I am a champ at starting. I get all excited, dream of the possibilities, make a plan, make a list, buy some stuff, and then the results vary from there. Sometimes I just end up with a pile of supplies, sometimes I end up with a half done project. It doesn’t even matter what kind of project it is. Cooking or crafts or something that needs to be done around the house. Doesn’t matter. They are equally likely to become “half done.” I’ve had the ingredients for Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies in my cabinets for some time now. Homemade marshmallows, too.

There is a box of quilt squares I need to embroider FOR OTHER PEOPLE. They are sitting in a box. Waiting to be finished.

I have a sewing machine that I bought 13 years ago. So far I’ve made an apron, a table runner, and 1.75 crib dust ruffles. That’s right. Will’s dust ruffle only had 3 sides. Don’t judge–you really don’t need 4 sides on a crib ruffle. One side is up against the wall and you never see it.

I have a cabinet full of scrapbook supplies. And one small scrapbook I made in 2009.

I have knitting needles and crochet hooks and Learn to Knit and Crochet books and DVDs. Both of those are a no-go. I’ve got a chest full of fabric and patterns that are just waiting to become something.

As if I didn’t have enough half done things around my house, someone invented Pinterest. Pinterest is a dangerous place for a Starter. I love Pinterest, but I immediately knew it had the potential to become a long list of things I could, but don’t create. My solution for that is the “Things I actually made from Pinterest “ board on Pinterest. When I actually make something that I’ve previously pinned onto one of my boards, I move it to my “made it” board. Kind of like a pat on the back I give myself–and justification for spending time on Pinterest.

On of my problems is perfectionism. When the idea is in my head, it’s PERFECT. And because I haven’t actually done anything yet, if I change my mind, it’s easy to change the project because I haven’t actually done anything. It’s easy to re-work an imaginary project.

The other is just making time. I love to create. Back in high school, when I had WAY more time on my hands than I ever realized, I loved to write and paint and I even did some embroidery. I FINISHED an apron that had been my great grandmother’s. It’s hanging in my kitchen now. It’s proof I can be a Finisher.

Proof I Can Finish

So, back to how I’m going to make Finishing a habit.

I need a plan for the new year. A plan of what to finish. So, in 2012 Fridays are going to be “Finish it Fridays” here at The Fair. Tomorrow is the last Friday of 2012 so I’ll be listing my things I want to FINISH in 2012. They are going to be specific. They are going to have deadlines. There’s going to be a plan. Cause that’s how you finish things.


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