The Fair Has Rides

Fair RidesAs we all know, “life’s not fair.”

My children know that if they call, “not fair!” that they are likely to hear, “the fair is in October!” fall right out of my mouth.

Since I have friends in places where the fair isn’t in October, not to mention the fact that when the actual month of October comes it becomes difficult to whip this quip out, I decided to go with the name The Fair Has Rides.

Sometimes I have deep thoughts about life, family, kids, and the Lord. Sometimes I want to share the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while (at least since the last time I was on Pinterest.)  I’ve finally decided that Facebook alone was not doing it for me, and I need more space to be able to ramble on about some things.

So, while life isn’t fair, it’s kind of like the fair–full of interesting people, places, and things. Sometimes you just go around in circles like so many fair rides, sometimes it’s scary like the fun house, sometimes it speeds by like you are on a burlap sack on a slide, and other times it feels like the bottom just drops out and takes your breath away (not sure the name of that ride, but I like it as a ride, not a time in life!)

Thanks for reading!


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